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Ballerina Shoes Online at Bata India

Inspired by the footwear worn by beautiful ballerinas, ballerina shoes are comfortably pretty. From online shops to malls to flea markets, you will see a plethora of collection of these belly shoes to choose from. Since they are closed and covered, they keep your feet completely comfortable.


Why choose ballerinas?

The answer lies in 3 Cs - comfort, choices and compatibility. The three factors are not above or below each other as all of them have equal significance in answering why ballerinas are one of the most common choices of footwear among women. Ballerinas are comfortable, unless you choose a bad brand. So always go for a good brand that uses durable material in creating the footwear. Rest assured the lack of heel and the closed design makes ballerina shoes for women highly comfortable. When it comes to choices, again, belly shoes are somewhere at the top position. There are so many colours and designs to choose from that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Another important factor is the compatibility. Bellies for ladies go well with almost every outfit and occasion. From a midi peplum dress to format pant suit, you can style the ballerina shoes with most of your looks.


Different types of ballerinas on offer

Though bellies for ladies are a single category of footwear but it includes different types under it. It is such a widely used type of footwear that the types, colours and designs are almost countless. Some of the types of belly shoes we offer include solids, cutwork, with bow detailing, studded, with metal detailing and with tassel detailing. The solids are among the top sellers as you can team these with almost anything. The cutwork ballerina shoes add a kind of ethnic look to the ballerinas, making them good to go with both western as well as semi-traditional wear. The ballerinas with bow detailing make for a cute pair of footwear. The studded ballerina shoes for women and the ballerina shoes with metal detailing add punk to your look. The ballerinas with tassel detailing could be worn with a boho look. Buy ballerina shoes online from Bata India and create amazing looks every day.


What makes them so comfortable and durable?

Like the variety in types, the ballerina shoes come in different materials as well. Since the ballerina footwear are best known for daily use, it is pretty much given that it would be designed with various materials in order to get perfect durability for different occasions. We offer ballerinas mostly in synthetic material, leather material and plastic material. Most of the ballerinas come in synthetic material giving you enough comfort to go through the day without hurting your feet. The leather material belly shoes are more on the durable side. Ballerina shoes for women made of plastic are lightweight yet stylish.


When and where to wear?

Ballerinas are a hot favourite among women of all age groups simply because you can team these beauties at almost every occasion. Going out with the girls for a lazy dinner? Step into those pretty bow detailed ballerina shoes for women. Want to team your formal look with the perfect footwear. Pair the look with solid ballerinas in leather. Want to dance the whole night at the after party without hurting your feet? Pick a pair of studded ballerinas and pair them with your favourite jumpsuit. Ballerinas are great for every occasion. Plus they keep you comfortable. Time to get your hands on those beautiful bellies online from Bata India and adorn your footwear collection with more style and durability.